12:27 - 360 Club - The Library, Leeds

The penultimate band to pick up their sticks and picks tonight is 12:27. Having made the short journey up the M621 from Heckmondwike, the garage-rock four piece appear to be ready for business as they take to the stage. Instantly grabbing the attention of the crowd and injecting some much needed life into tonight's proceedings, the young group exhibit all the spirit and conviction of an act that have been together since 2008. Tighter than George Osborne's latest budget; an honourable mention for the rhythm section, especially drummer Bill Stowell; the gritty sounding lads can also write catchy numbers. Songs like "Don't Talk to me like you know me"; beginning with a simple three chord riff into, the song kicks into a gratifying groove with some nice melody based lead work from guitarist Ash Ingham. Front man Thom Smith displays raw vocal talent and a nice range throughout the memorable chorus, and Ingham produces an impressive solo; the lead guitarist has a striking tone and continues to impress throughout the set. An unexpected cover of "These boots are made for walkin'" creates a nice up-tempo interlude, even if it is not the most inspired choice of cover song. Closing track, "The Devil Drinks Jack Daniels" has a slightly punk rock vibe and builds to an energetic crescendo, and is a pertinent end to their engrossing performance. 

Ben Carrass