12:27 - DoyleFest


This superb garage rock band from Heckmondwike have definitely got that special something going on. And if they carry on playing performances like this, then it won’t be long before 12:27 have the world at their feet. 

Here we have a band who were just born to be superstars. Not only do they sound like the best band in the world, they also look the part too. 12:27 write the best songs ever with amazing titles such as The Devil Drinks Jack Daniels and Something I Wrote Last Friday.

The music is raw but not in a sloppy way. In fact 12:27 sound ridiculously tight which is mainly down to the sheer brilliance of drummer Billy Stowell who hasn’t been with the band very long.

My personal highlight of the set was when they played a cover of the Nancy Sinatra classic These Boots Were Made For Walking, and made it their own by beefing it up to the max.

12:27 reminded me a bit of The Strokes and also Arctic Monkeys – which they should take as a compliment. 

The band have recently completed some recordings which I simply cannot wait to hear, I only hope they’re as good on CD as they are live.


Russ Petcher