12:27 - Something Yet To Learn

If I hadn't been given this CD then I would have actually paid good money for it because it really is THAT good! 12:27 are a great British guitar band who hail all the way from sunny Heckmondwike. They recorded this 13 track album at Moorcroft Studios in Cleckheaton and Tom Fox has done a fantastic job of capturing the energy and rawness that 12:27 have.

My favourite song on here is Don't Talk To Me (Like You Know Me) which grooves along at a cool pace and also features some amazing work on the wah-wah pedal. Vocalist Thom. Smith is a truly gifted lyricist who has a real snarl in his voice that sounds very Yorkshire at times.

I would urge anyone with the internet to check out 12:27

Russ Petcher